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NAME 관리자 DATE 2018-05-04 HIT 37,345
- The combination ion gun have 3 functions such as suction, Ion-blowing and suction&Ion-blowing.
  Blowing function is able to remove static electricity through Ion blowing tube,
  Also suction function can remove a dust through suction nozzle.
  When operating these abilities, strength can control by knob and all of functions can on/off at the same time.

- Application area 
  Paint pretreatment, electronic assembly, plastics, semiconductors, 
  LCDs, cars, printing, optical lenses, coating, PCB, film
  Any place where static electricity occurs, such as fiber, pulp, etc.

- refer to attached (PDF)

-Model : SG102G   -Weight : 520g

-Model : SG222G   -Weight : 760g